Travis Japan Livestream Summary

SJPA member Sabina Lindström provided us with a thorough review of the recent livestream by TRAVIS JAPAN. Sabina is our our in-house expert on Johnny’s idols and artists. She is passionate about sharing this knowledge in order to get as many people as possible introduced to Japanese idols.

During the last weekend of September 2020, a Japanese boy band called Travis Japan held live streams for their tour “Travis Japan LIVE 2020 ENTER 1234567”, also known as ENTER7. Their concert was held at Yokohama Arena and ran a total of three shows — 17:30 9/26, 14:00 and 17:30 9/27.

The tickets landed at a cost of 4000 ‎¥ (Jr. Fanclub members), 4500 ‎¥ (any Johnny’s Fanclub members), and 5000 ‎¥ for the general public — about half of the cost of a normal ticket. The live stream of the concert was held at their official site, Johnny’s net Online, and could be purchased with an overseas credit/debit card. 

Due to the current situation with the pandemic, the original tour was canceled, and the live streaming of the tour was decided instead. The arena itself is empty, except for the seats being decorated with lights to mimic an audience with penlights. 

Before we dive into the actual show and its content, let’s talk a little about the group.

Travis Japan is a seven-member group from the agency Johnny & Associates, Inc. (Johnny’s), and labeled as Johnny’s Jr. The group was named after Travis Payne, who selected Johnny’s Jr. kids talented in dancing and these kids became the members of Travis Japan. It essentially means they are still trainees under the company and have not yet made their CD debut. Despite the label of being juniors, they’re doing most of the things a debuted group from the same company do, if not more. The biggest difference is that they do not release any official studio recordings or CDs. Instead, Travis Japan is active every Thursday on YouTube under the channel Johnny’s Jr. Channel, as well as on their own Instagram

The group members are Kawashima Noel (Noel), Shimekake Ryuya (Shime), Yoshizawa Shizuya (Shizuya), Nakamura Kaito (Umin), Miyachika Kaito (Chaka), Matsukura Kaito (Matsuku), and Matsuda Genta (Genta). Their ages range between the oldest, Noel (26), and Genta (21), and their selling point is their synchronized dancing.

Mer information is avaiable here: Travis Japan Introduction Carrd.

With that said, let’s ENTER the show.

The concert lasted roughly 2 hours, including a short fanclub exclusive video at the beginning and their MC, the talking segment/middle act. The show runs for a total of 29 songs, including solo acts from each member, and is a good mix between original songs and covers of other groups. Due to strict copyright and other infringement rights, only performances with an official upload will be linked. The main focus will also be on their original songs, with a few highlights from the other performances. 


We dive right in with the big guns and cannons and open the game called Travis Japan with their latest song, GET ALIVE, and right now I can’t think of a better song to open the show with. It sets the mood and pace perfectly with its rock sound and high tension and dynamic singing and rap. GET ALIVE is showcasing their growth as a group until now, and is a genre, unlike their other songs. Highlights of the song are Chaka’s high notes, the low rapping verses, and their ability to harmonize with each other.
Not the performance from the concert but the same song, official upload on their YouTube.

2. Criminal (Johnny’s WEST)

Next up is a cover of Criminal, and they deliver a very illegal version of it (in the eyes of a fangirl…), and they make use of the big screen on stage as well to showcase a VTR video of closeups. 


We get a short pause of breathing and calming down when they go ahead with their official introduction song, UNIQUE TIGERS, where they introduce each other in the verses and engage the audience in a call-and-response.
Not the performance from the concert but the same song, official upload on their YouTube.

Before the next original song, they sing a variety of covers, splitting up into subunits and solo acts from Shizuya, Umin and Shime.

4. Entertainment (Hey! Say! JUMP)

5. Bad Boy — Shizuya Solo, MatsuMatsu backing Ohno Satoshi (Arashi)

6. Ka•Ku•Shi•Go•To — Umin Solo Kitayama Hiromitsu (Kis-My-Ft2)

7. ROCK THA TOWN (Sexy Zone) — Chaka Solo, Noel/Umin/Matsuku/Genta backing 

8. Murasaki —  Shime Solo, Shizuya back dancing (Akanishi Jin)

9. Take Over (Kis-My-Ft2)

A cool thing to mention for this particular performance is that they made use of the split-screen technique and divided the screen into multiple ones, different angles and filters on. It was a cool added effect that would not have been the same experiencing it live even if it made you wonder where to put your eyes. 

10. It’s BAD (Tahara Toshihiko)

11. if (Kis-My-Ft2) — Strawberry Milk Unit (Shime, Noel, Genta, Shizuya)

12. Otoko Never Give Up (Sexy Zone) — Triple Kaito Unit (Chaka, Umin, Matsuku)

13. JAM LADY (Kanjani8)

14. Talk it! Make it! Full Version

Talk it! Make it! is a more typical Japanese idol pop song, bringing you laughter and smiles to you while they perform it while messing around on the stage, living up to its motto of “Have fun and smile!”. It’s also full of fun word plays between English and Japanese!
Not the performance from the concert but the same song, official upload on their YouTube.

15. Lock Lock

Up next from their originals is Lock Lock, and it’s a brisk dance-heavy performance. It’s one of the best songs that showcases Travis Japan’s amazing synchronization abilities! Fun fact, they have also danced this song 1.5x the speed as well as 0.5x the speed! Worth a watch to experience their dancing skills!
Not the performance from the concert but the same song, official upload on their YouTube.


16. Asahi wo Mi ni Ikou yo (SMAP) —  Genta Solo Noel/Chaka backing

~Noel Piano Solo of Yume no Hollywood~

17. Yume no Hollywood

The next original song of theirs happens after the MC and a solo act from Genta. Yume no Hollywood is the first original song Travis Japan received, and they incorporate tap dancing and dancing with sticks as well for the ultimate musical feel.
Not the performance from the concert but the same song, official upload on their YouTube.

18. Ai no Katamari (Kinki Kids)

19. Namida no Kessho

Namida no Kessho is their first original song to get an original MV produced, and it’s the theme song for their stage play 虎者 NINJAPAN. The show is currently ongoing and will also hold its live viewing at the end of the month through live streaming.
Not the performance from the concert but the same song, official upload on their YouTube.

20. So Crazy (Nakayama Yuma)

21. Me no Uta (Hey! Say! JUMP) — Noel Solo, Everyone backing

A detail worth highlighting is that Noel is using sign-language during this song, as well as making sure that the parts he’s not signing is shown on screen. The performance is made to mimic a live stream with comments flying over the screen and popping up everywhere! A great use of the advantages (overlays, screen-in-screen etc.) of the concert being a live stream.

22. The Red Light (Kinki Kids) — Matsuku Solo, Genta backing — > everyone backing

23. Happy Groovy

Before going into the last section of the concert, they perform Happy Groovy, another upbeat, musical inspired song. In the concert, they perform a more laid back and relaxed version than usual, with Matsuku on guitar. They still perform in sync and the whole stage shines with happy, groovy feelings.
The performance from the concert, the official upload on their YouTube.
Not the performance from the concert but the same song, official upload on their YouTube.

24. ROCK YOU (Arashi)

25. Sugar (Arashi) 

26. Face Down (Arashi)

Worth to mention is that when they performed their cover of Arashi’s Face Down, they’ve done their last costume change, and highlight of this performance is the use of LED light blankets. Each member performs with a blanket full of LED lights, changing lights in time with the music and in their respective member color. 


VOLCANO is another more heavy and rockish song and it showcases their explosive dynamic in their dancing as well as their ability to really nail this kind of genre too. It was given to them before GET ALIVE and is a stark contrast to Yume no Hollywood and Talk it! Make it!.
Not the performance from the concert but the same song, official upload on their YouTube.

28. Uchuu ni Itta Lion (Kanjani8)

29. Together Now

The last song of the concert is their latest song, Together Now, it’s the perfect song to end a concert with as they sing about how the curtain has fallen but how they want to spend more time with you (the audience). The forever (with you) won’t ever change. It’s an emotional ballad that will surely bring you to tears after the intense game that Travis Japan played. 

As they perform this song, they each stand high on a platform with lights around it in their respective member color. Right before the last chorus, they shoot out paper petals in the form of cherry blossom petals that’s surely a pain to clean up afterward but definitely a tear jerking moment.
The performance from the concert, the official upload on their YouTube.

After their comments of gratitude and love, the concert ends with the explosion of gin tape (confetti streamers) that Johnny’s concerts always ends with.

All in all, watching all three shows was not a bad decision at all, even if the setlist did not change. Being there in person would definitely have increased the experience but with the current situation, this is the best we get and I am more than thankful for it. Online streaming was not in Johnny’s repertoire before 2019, and seeing that they are available to deliver this worldwide, and not only nationwide/region blocked, is simply amazing. 

On October 15th, they uploaded an official short documentary about the concert, showing a bit of the backstage and rehearsals, and very short snippets from the actual concert.

With that said, Travis Japan is definitely the next group in line to make a breakthrough, not only in Japan but also worldwide. Whether a debut is around the corner or not, I personally hope that they will continue to bloom and embark on their own route.

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