Alternativfesten 2021 – tickets, hotel and travel information

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Alternativfesten (NB! Living document!)

Information about tickets and hotel from Alternativfesten’s webpage

Ticket prices
Friday, Nov 12: 150 SEK
Saturday, Nov 13: 150 SEK
Two days (Nov 12-13): 200 SEK

Pre-sold tickets
There are two ways to buy a ticket in advance for this year’s festival:

1. Via Kulturcentrum, Sandviken:

2. Via AlternativaCultura’s PayPal or Swish. State your interest in reserving a ticket by filling out the form. You will receive a mail with payment info. The number of tickets is limited.

This year we have a festival hotel! Alternativfesten collaborates with Best Western Hotell Hedåsen and you can book at festival prices: double room 600 SEK/person and single room 850 SEK. Breakfast and parking are included.

You cannot book via the webpage. You may book by:
Email: or phone: +46 (0)26 25 12 00. State ”Alternativfesten” to use this offer.

The venue and pandemic rules
Since we are still living in a pandemic, we recommend you to follow the guidelines of Public Health Agency Sweden. If you show symptoms, stay at home. We hope that everyone will assist us in creating a safe event for all of us. If showing symptoms during the event, please leave the venue and notify the venue staff. Changes in restrictions may apply.

We will record and stream online
There will be video cameras at the event and the event may be transmitted online. As a part of the audience there is a chance that you will be filmed. As a visitor, you should be aware of, and also approve, of this.

The venue is made for accessibility. Contact us if you have any questions. You can also contact Kulturcentrum Sandviken directly with any questions about accessibility for visitors.

Support AlternativaCultura
Other than buying tickets you can support the festival arranger AlternativaCultura! Swish: 123 395 0003 (note ”support”).

General terms (in Swedish).