SJPA on return journey from Sweden

On their return trip to Japan GARUDA and NEMLESSS experienced unforseen problems when trying to board the air plane in Helsinki. Thanks to support from Finnair’s personnel the problems were solved. However, GARUDA and NEMLESSS were rebooked to a later plane which delayed their return to Japan.

SJPA’s board members, interpreter and the artists personal handlers have been in constant contact with GARUDA and NEMLESSS during this time to support them in all ways possible. The artists have also had the support of an accompanying assistant.

SJPA will ensure that the artists are kept financially indemnified from the situation that has arisen.

It has been a great privilege and an honor to work with GARUDA (,, NEMLESSS (, and SARI (, during Alternativfesten in Sandviken. We are happy that we could present such a multitalented group of artist to a Swedish- and an international audience.