SJPA lottery with unique prizes from Michelle!

Note: This lottery has ended on the 3rd of March 2021. Check out the two winners, picked by SARI on YouTube

SJPA aims to promote Japanese popular culture in Sweden and the Nordic countries. One way we do this is to arrange events that present Japanese artists to new audiences.

Michelle (みしぇる) is an interesting Japanese artist. She is a Vtuber (gaming), model, idol, designer and painter. Between January 2019 and March 2020 she was part of alt-idol group NECRONOMIDOL.

She is now affiliated with M-SMILE as a solo artist.

SJPA offers all fans a chance to acquire some unique merchandise from Michelle. The event is a lottery with two prices:

  1. a painting (ca 15*15 cm, called “What I looked like when I was little“) made by Michelle. Included is also a cloth bag, four random chekis and the newspaper Michelle wrapped the painting in when sending it to Sweden! The painting has got a great texture that can not be seen from the picture, it has to be experienced
  2. a can badge from Michelle’s birthday event in 2020 and two random chekis

To be part of this lottery you must:

  1. follow SJPA (@swejpnpa) on Twitter
  2. send a mail with your name and address to

You can increase your chances of winning by subscribing to:

  1. Michelle (@nekozenanokamo) on Twitter
  2. SJPA on YouTube

We look forward to your mail as soon as possible but no later than February 28, 2021.

Michelle on YouTube and shop on Booth