Get to know – Chemical X

From left to right: Hitotsuki Aoi (彼月アオイ), Megaku Ramu (鳴樂らむ), Chii Mayu (ちいまゆ), Setsuna Maho (刹那マホ)

Sugar, spice and everything nice! These were the ingredients chosen to create – wait, where have I heard this before? Well, I guess this is a good enough start in order to talk about this amazing idol group who is more or less connected to this iconic line! The pop-punk / loud rock idol Tokyo group Chemical X!

Before this article, we actually had the pleasure to have a last minute Q&A with the group at NärCon Sommar 2023, which was streamed on YouTube for everyone to see! I just want to thank you everyone who attended, both online and at the convention in person.

You can find the Q&A here!

For this article, I actually had the pleasure to speak with Chemical X manager Yossy and ask him a few questions about the group that could be used for this article! So everything will be included here, as well as a brief member introduction at the end!

Yossy is also in a band himself named Castaway, where he is the guitarist and songwriter! Here is their Twitter and YouTube for anyone who is intrested, just like I was!

So, who or what is Chemical X?

Before we get to the questions and answers, I’ll tell you a little about the group itself! Chemical X is an idol group from Tokyo, named after the fictional and iconic chemical from the cartoon Power Puff Girls! In the beginning, I didn’t think about it much myself until I checked their BASE shop and saw their merch which was super clearly PPG inspired … then it clicked for me! It was really nostalgic as someone who grew up watching the cartoon and wanting to be one of the girls … now just to see there is a Japanese idol group with their name related to it!

Chemical X was formed in late 2022, but they didn’t make their debut until January 20, 2023. And during these months the group went from five members to four, then to three, and now they’re four again. So there have been some changes, but the group keeps being this inspiring group with amazing girls.
And this is what I have so far, seems like a good enough start, right? So, let’s get into the questions I asked the man himself, Yossy!

  • Q: I noticed that the group is named after the chemical that created the Powerpuff Girls.
    Is that the concept of the group? Or what is the concept of the group?

    – Y: The group is named after the chemical that gave birth to the “Powerpuff Girls”. The concept of the group is “Cross The Border”, the meaning of this phrase is that the group wishes to cross over genres of music. Since I (Yossy, the producer) have been playing in bands for many years and providing songs/backing bands for idols, I think that idols and bands’ music should be closer. So that the songs for Chemical X are similar to the styles bands would perform.
  • Q: How did the group get started?

    – Y: While I was providing songs/backing bands for idols, I felt frustrated that I was involved in their ”music” only, and wanted to start my own group. The biggest trigger was the breakup of the group Burst Girl, to which I had contributed songs and wanted to start my own while feeling helpless to be involved only with their songs.
  • Q: Is there a message behind the songs?

    – Y: I have a diverse backbone of both Japanese and Western music, and basically, I create songs without considering they are for an idol group. As for the lyrics, it depends on each songs. The song ”Start”, which was also the the first music video, was written in the hope that the enthusiasm and buzz of the live venues which were lost due to Covid-19 would return someday.
  • Q: Is there a goal that the group is trying to achieve?

    – Y: Personally, I believe the best reward for the fans who support our group is to perform in front of a large audience on a big stage, that is what I am aiming for.
  • Q: If given the chance, would they go abroad?

    – Y: Yes, we definitely would like to go and perform! We have a person on our team who is familiar with English and other foreign countries (personally, I have supported many foreign bands which toured in Japan as well) and would like to go as soon as we can afford it.

And there you have it! I don’t know about you, but I found this whole thing really interesting. And it was so much reading through the answers when I got them, as I’m someone who really wants to do everything I can to spread the word about this group and their music, so the Q&A and this article is really a big step for them reaching out to a foreign audience!

So, let’s continue with the members!

The moe member in charge of the color red, Chii Mayu!

  • She is 140cm
  • According to her Twitter bio, she likes alcohol and movies
  • She used to be in FAKE PLANCK STARS & My Best Friend

The devil’s advocate, nicknamed ”young lady” and in charge of the color purple, Setsuna Maho!

  • She works at a bar called BAR Babylon
  • She wasn’t present at the Q&A, but trust me, she’s great

The tall and handsome member in charge of the color white, Hitotsuki Aoi!

  • She is the vocalist of the band KIGO as well
  • According to her Twitter bio she likes music, sleeping and dogs

The new member with no prior idol experience in charge of the color blue, Megaku Ramu!

  • She’s into Cyber Fashion
  • If she was an animal, she’d be a penguin

Where do I find Chemical X?

I love answering questions like this! Chemical X have their music available on YouTube, Spotify & Apple Music/iTunes! And of course you can also find them on Twitter and Instagram!

As of writing this article, August the 2nd, Chemical X have released their new single: Kanousei
Make sure to check it out!

Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe you’ve become a fan too?