Captain Mina: on the new album, playing in Sweden and more!

Sammanfattning: Den japanska musikscenen rymmer ett antal metalband med egen profil och många internationella fans. FATE GEAR är ett av de tongivande heavy/power-metalbanden med tydlig visuell profil och låtar som lyfter känslor och fantasyteman.

Mina Taicho (Captain Mina) is the guitarist of the all female steam punk metal band FATE GEAR.

Mina-san has graciously agreed to an interview with SJPA’s Pepijn Klaassen and Patrik Lutkiewicz.

In the interview Mina-san describes FATE GEAR, the band’s music and visual style. Mina-san shares her experiences from the band’s tour to Europe and Sweden in February 2020.

Mina-san also shares exciting news about the band’s up-coming album and new collaborations that will make new and present fans alike happy!

The full interview (in Japanese and English!) is available on YouTube and below!

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