🇫🇷 SARI’s Tour de France 🇫🇷

SARI, singer and multiartist from Tokyo, is no stranger to Europe and European concertgoers having visited France, Italy and the UK during the years 2017 – 2019. When SARI moved to Sweden in 2023 it was with the explicit ambition to make a number of European tours and reconnect with old fans and meet new audiences!

In July 2023 SARI did a tour in Italy with three shows at different venues and events. In September it was time to return to France after seven years!

In eight days SARI did four shows in three cities. SJPA had the opportunity to see SARI perform at all four events! Read more below! And don’t forget to follow SARI on Instagram, Youtube and X.

A special thank you to all – organisers, audiences, supporters and volunteers – in France who organized the tour and supported SARI on the ground!

The first event was at La Chaouée (web, Facebook) in Metz. La Chaouée is a social and cultural center close to the cathedral.

The atmosphere and audience was very welcoming and about 50 people attended the concert.

Josy Basar, synth pop artist from Metz (Youtube, Spotify) was the opening act!

The stage was in a cellar under the bar. It was crowded, dark and hot and it was obvious that SARI was happy to be back in France!

The second show was at The Message in Troyes (Facebook).

The Message is a café, bar, record shop and concert venue in the old city of Troyes.

The Message attracts a diverse audience, from families with children via young music lovers to regulars.

There is a very open and friendly feeling at The Message that made for a great show!

For the third show SARI returned to Metz and What the Food! (web, Facebook, Instagram), a French-Japanese street food fusion restaurang.

At What the Food you will find food and drinks, manga and friendly people.

Here SARI met an audience that was familiar with Japanese culture and was looking forward to new impressions and meeting new artists!

The fourth and final concert was at Sonic in Lyon (webb, Facebook). This is an interesting venue with an ambitious monthly program on a ship on the river Saône. The audience was very interested in experiencing new music and a new artist. After the show there was a long queue to meet SARI, discuss music and get an autograph on a newly bought CD or vinyl.